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The Wall Tea Infuser

The Wall Tea Infuser – $29.99

The Wall Tea Infuser (Right Hand & Left Hand ) 440 ml
• Cleverly-Designed Glass Mug with Built-In Strainer
• Lightweight & Sturdy
• Holds Tea Leaves and/or Herbs
• Right or Left-Handed

Packaging Details:
• Capacity: 440 ml
• Available in Right-Handed (RH) and Left-Handed (LH)
• Designed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Wholesale Details:
• Wholesale registration required
• Case Pack: 6 pcs. (RH 4 pcs. / LH 2 pcs.)
• Minimum of 2 case packs (12 pcs.) required

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Wellness Tea Gift Box – $35.96

HEYRU crafted the Wellness Tea Gift Box to create a memorable, unboxing experience for families, friends, and loved ones—especially during the holiday season or special occasions.

The collapsible box is sustainable, made of recycled paper, and other eco-friendly materials.

Purchase the box along with its contents:
• 75 g Hibiscus Loose Tea
• 90 g Monk Fruit Sweetener
• 50 Tea Filter Bags

L23 x W12 x H12cm

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Wellness Tea Gift Box

Wellness Tea Gift Box