Welcome to HEYRU!

We are a trading company that is passionate about bringing earthy and natural products to the local health and wellness market.

The name HEYRU (pronounced ay-roo) is based on an Isoko, African word meaning “natural beauty”. Our company was founded on this concept and it is inherent in everything we do. We focus on sustainability and promoting a healthy lifestyle, from our naturally sourced products that come from artisans in Africa and Canada to our local Canadian packaging. All of our food, health, and cosmetic products are earth and natural and contain high-quality ingredients.

HEYRU’s journey began when the company’s founder, Joseph, first visited Winnipeg, Manitoba in the summer of 2011 on an exploratory business trip with the intent of migrating to Canada. It was during this trip that he realized the need for artisanal, earthy and natural products in the local health and wellness community.

Joseph’s entrepreneurial background, including over two decades of experience in the Nigerian market, helped him recognize the opportunity to use his sourcing niche to offer Canadians globally sourced options for natural products. Now living in Canada, Joseph is proud to serve his community by encouraging people to look for high-quality, naturally sourced products that contribute to their overall wellbeing.

HEYRU’s Core Values include:

  • Earthy & Natural – The products that you use should come from the earth, be sustainably produced, and be all-natural.
  • Traceability – It is important to know where the ingredients in your products come from. Connecting with African and Canadians artisans and producers, HEYRU offers an important link to businesses and consumers.
  • Local Market – Serving the local market is important, and supporting local business is beneficial for both consumers and companies.

HEYRU, a trademark of Heyru Canada Inc., offers options for both retailers and consumers. For retailers, all items listed on our website come in a case pack of 12 or 6. Retailers should register and log in by clicking our Wholesale link to see wholesale prices and place an order. Other B2B such as food services, ingredient buyers, and other bulk buyers can email us for a price list.

If you are a consumer who is interested in making a retail purchase, you can simply shop online or click on our Buy Locally link to find your nearest local store. We all thrive when we support our local businesses!