‘Me digwa’ is a welcome greeting in the African Isoko language. Similarly, the name HEYRU (pronounced ay-roo) is rooted in an Isoko word meaning ‘natural beauty.’ This name is our brand because most of our food, health, and cosmetic products (ethically-sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada) are earth-friendly, 100% natural, and contain only the highest-quality ingredients. As a trading company, our aim at HEYRU is to focus on sustainability while promoting a healthy lifestyle within the local wellness market in Winnipeg and across Canada.

Since it started in September 2016, HEYRU maintains three core values:

• Earth-friendly & Natural
The products that we use should come from the earth, are sustainably produced, ethically manufactured, and be natural.

• Traceability
It is essential to know where the ingredients in your products originate. Connecting rural African artisans with Canadian producers, HEYRU offers a vital link to businesses and consumers.

• Local Market
Serving the local market is essential, and supporting local businesses is beneficial for consumers, the community at large, and the local economy.

HEYRU, a brand of Heyru Canada Inc., offers options for both retailers and consumers.

If you are a retailer, all items listed on our website come in a case pack of 12 or 6. Retailers should register and then log in to see our wholesale prices and to place an order. Other B2B (business to business) companies in food services, ingredient sourcing, and other bulk buyers can email us for a price list.

If you are a consumer who is interested in making a retail purchase, you can simply shop online or click HERE to find your nearest local store. We all grow and thrive when we support local businesses!