Sweet Spice Essential Oil 10ml

Sweet Spice Essential Oil


Sweet Spice Essential Oil

Features and Benefits:

• NET: 10 ml
• Ingredients & Origin: Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) | Brazil; Zingiberaceae Officinale (Ginger) | India
• 100% Pure, therapeutic grade oils
• Full-bodied aroma
• Complements HEYRU Shea Butter.

Product Description

HEYRU Sweet Spice Essential Oil was exclusively blended in Canada by Finesse Home. It is a blend of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade sweet orange and ginger.

This spicy and zesty blend of essential oils helps to energize and rejuvenate your senses throughout the day. It has been known to prevent stretch marks and is also excellent for promoting good circulation and joint mobility.

The essential oil compliments HEYRU’s Shea Butter by blending a few drops on your palm for a calming, aromatic moisturizer.





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