Whether a business is reselling our high-quality, natural products, or using them as ingredients in their own health and wellness brands, HEYRU offers a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our valued customers.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Private Labeling
HEYRU provides customized, private, biodegradable labels according to our customers’ desired specifications. An example of our private labelling service is a long-time customer who purchases our raw, non-whipped Shea Butter to brand and package it for resale to their own customers. Those who purchase the Shea Butter from our customer then use it to create their own skin and hair products, adding whatever fragrances or essential oils they prefer. Also, we collaborate with local co-packers for private labelling services.

Bulk Supply
HEYRU offers business to business (B2B) bulk supply to retailers for resale, and to other manufacturers for use in their production. A great example of our bulk supply service is two local tea blenders who use our 100% pure and natural, high-quality, dried hibiscus flowers in their specialized blended teas. The same blender also resells the pure, loose hibiscus flowers to their customers.

Restaurant & Hospitality Supply
HEYRU provides customized tea blending services to restaurants, cafés, and other hospitality businesses that are looking for earthy, natural, healthy ingredients that they are confident to serve their customers.

HEYRU can source and supply earthy, natural ingredients that meet our customers’ specific needs. For instance, if a manufacturer is looking for shea butter for cosmetic products, we stock high-quality ingredients that allow them to provide their customers with pure, healthy beauty product options.