Our Story

‘Me digwa’ is a welcome greeting in the African Isoko language. Similarly, the name HEYRU (pronounced ay-roo) is rooted in an Isoko word meaning ‘natural beauty.’ This name is our brand because most of our food, health, and cosmetic products (ethically-sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada) are earth-friendly, 100% natural, and contain only the highest-quality ingredients.

As a trading company, our aim at HEYRU is to focus on sustainability while promoting a healthy lifestyle within the local wellness market in Winnipeg and across Canada.

“After applying the Shea Butter for a couple days in a row, I noticed a significant difference on my skin. It wasn’t flaky! My skin looked great. It is by far the best body moisturizer I’ve used. And a little bonus…I apply it to my curls and it does wonder to my hair too! Thank God for Shea Butter!”

-Maria Valencia
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