Our Story

‘Me digwa’ is a welcome greeting in the African Isoko language. Similarly, the name HEYRU (pronounced ay-roo) is rooted in an Isoko word meaning ‘natural beauty.’ This name is our brand because most of our food, health, and cosmetic products (ethically-sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada) are earth-friendly, 100% natural, and contain only the highest-quality ingredients. 

Promoting a healthy lifestyle that’s accessible is important to us while doing it sustainably and responsibly. Our brand has a strong African identity, and we are proud that we can bring its valuable ingredients to the local communities. We have strong ties to the local  farmers, growers and cultivators in Nigeria and Kenya.

We want to introduce new products to the market and increase people’s awareness of their beneficial properties. The core value is that it must be beneficial to humans. That is what drives the brand and its purpose.

As a trading company, our aim at HEYRU is to focus on sustainability while promoting a healthy lifestyle within the local wellness market in Winnipeg and across Canada.

“After applying the Shea Butter for a couple days in a row, I noticed a significant difference on my skin. It wasn’t flaky! My skin looked great. It is by far the best body moisturizer I’ve used. And a little bonus…I apply it to my curls and it does wonder to my hair too! Thank God for Shea Butter!”

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