Our Founder

Joseph Edogbeni

Joseph grew up in Ibadan, Nigeria. He always felt connected to nature and the natural way of living. The mindset is, that from what you eat, you can be healed. Joseph carried those values and lifestyles with him in his life. Joseph’s inspiration comes from his family heritage. The belief is what you put in your body needs to be natural, less artificial, something basic and simple. Joseph believes that is important to be conscious of what you consume and value your body. 

The brand name HEYRU itself means beauty in Joseph’s local Isoko language. The meaning behind it is how you can take care of yourself so that you feel your most beautiful self, on the inside and out. Health and beauty come from what you consume and what you apply to your skin. Beauty brings joy and peace of mind. Beauty is very internal, but we can be very intentional about it. When you eat well, you feel better and when you treat your skin, it will glow, and ultimately you will radiate positivity.

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