Biodegradable Tea Filter Bags 50pcs

HEYRU Tea Filter Bags


Biodegradable Tea Filter Bags

Features and Benefits:

• Biodegradable
• Unbleached
• Easy-to-Use

Product Description

HEYRU’s biodegradable Tea Filter Bags are made with an eco-friendly and plant-based material; polylactic acid (PLA), or corn fiber. They can easily filter any kind of loose tea and can be disposed of after use.

Use the tea filter bags with Kenyan Purple Tea 90g and Kenyan Black Tea Flowery Orange Pekoe 90g in combination for a rich and flavorful blend full of antioxidants.

Packaging Details:
– NET: 50 filters
– Dimensions: 7 x 9 cm
– Material: 100% biodegradable corn fibre
– UPC: 627987017465

Weight0.035 kg
Dimensions8 × 3 × 10 cm
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