Shea Butter Essentials

“What do you Shea?” – Shea Butter & Essentials Oils!

So, let’s say you’ve been stocking up on our 100 % pure raw, whipped HEYRU Shea Butter and love what it is doing for your skin. Maybe you’ve found that with each application, your skin is smoother, softer, and has much more elasticity to it than before you started using it. If you’ve been using it for a few months consistently, maybe you’ve noticed some scarring or stretch marks fading. If you’ve rubbed some of this earthy butter into your tired, achy muscles or inflamed joints, perhaps you’ve found real relief—and without chemicals or greasy residue.

One way to add even more value to your HEYRU Shea Butter experience is by mixing it with some essential oils. Our exclusively blended, Canadian line of essential oil products includes two 100 % pure, therapeutic-grade essential options, each with their own unique, characteristic traits.

The HEYRU Sweet Spice Essential Oil is a zesty, aromatic blend of mandarin and ginger oils that tend to energize the senses, and the whole body. Simply add a drop or into your Shea Butter, then massage into joints, tired, sore muscles, and stretch mark areas. You will likely enjoy an overall warming, rejuvenating effect from this essential oil blend. A few drops of this oil with two tablespoons of Shea Butter will also work well as an after-shave balm OR as a hair conditioner. Just comb it evenly through the hair, leave on for five minutes, and shampoo well.

The HEYRU Cool & Calm Essential Oil is a full-bodied, refreshing blend of lavender, chamomile, and peppermint oils that promotes a soothing and relaxing effect for both body and mind. This combination of oils is perfect for relieving tension headaches, lowering stress, and managing PMS or menopausal symptoms. You may wish to add a drop or few into your Shea Butter to use as an earthy yet fragrant skin lotion. Another way to soak up the benefits of this blend is to mix a few drops into a palmful of Shea Butter, then add it to your hot bath for extended enjoyment of this wonderful aroma.

Be sure to visit us again for more ideas, recipes, and complementary blends of HEYRU Shea Butter & HEYRU Essential Oils.

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